Ethical Manufacturing


We are committed to ethical, transparent production with our knitwear and are continually learning how we can reduce our carbon footprint. All our knitwear is designed by Cecilia Le in Melbourne and crafted by expert craftsmen in Australia. We are a small team and are in direct contact with our makers to ensure everyone is well supported and working proper hours. That is why our knits can take up to 8 weeks to get to you. We want to ensure you enjoy your knit, but not at the expense of someone else.

“I’m not perfect. For me, it’s all about principle. Sustainability is about changing a mindset. Every little bit counts. It’s not all or nothing. It is about making an effort”
– Stella McCartney 


We are dedicated to working in our local community and supporting Australian manufacturing. As all our products are 100% Australian made this means everyone in our supply chain enjoys the same standard of living. Our knitted pieces are desgined, knitted and sewn by up to 3 people from start to finish.

We pay some 20 – 50 times the cost that the majority of mass made knitting factories around the world receive.

So producing locally where everyone has the same standard of living is the best way to achieve equality we think, this is after all a fundamental characteristic of ethical behaviour. We are pretty proud as a small business that we will continue to donate to charities, as giving back to the community is another ethical behaviour we feel is important.