Our Story

Born in 2016, NōVW is a luxury blanket brand – the brainchild of our founder, Cecilia, who was searching for a sentimental heirloom gift for her newborn son. During her search, Cecilia was heartbroken to learn that most Australian knitting mills had closed down, bringing an end to handmade beauty to meet the demand for cheap, fast fashion. But that’s just half the story. Mass-producing factories in third world countries support unethical labour, overworking and underpaying employees. Whilst it means you can gain access to more affordable alternatives, the quality is lacking and the workers are taken advantage of. Cecilia wanted to make a difference – to provide sentimental quality products that supports sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

NōVW is bringing luxurious fashion back to its roots with homegrown Australian blankets and throws inspired by Cecilia’s own intricate designs. Here, everything is custom-knitted to your liking. As a proud Australian brand, we guarantee perfection in each exquisite Merino wool blanket produced by our team of Melbourne’s most experienced knitters. We use 100% fine merino wool for our Merino wool blankets and throws, meaning every NōVW creation is irresistibly soft and cosy down to the very last fibre.

What sets NōVW apart is that we don’t design the blankets – you do. You can choose from a range of timeless designs that we’ve spent years perfecting. Choose your colours and text which we’ll knit (not embroider) directly onto your Merino wool blanket or throw. Only with NōVW can you invest in a blanket that’s 100% you – something nobody else on the planet owns. We deliver more than just material possessions. We deliver sentimental value that never fades at the hands of time.

We are passionate about craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, and giving back to our community. In line with our mission to keep growing, we hope to continue expanding our range to feature customised clothing too – all created by our customers to celebrate beauty in the smallest of details.

That’s what NōVW is all about – giving you a place to be inspired, be creative, and be YOU!

The face behind NōVW

Be Inspired. Be Creative. Be You.
    Cecilia Le

    Creative at heart and technical by trade, Cecilia has always been driven to fulfil the needs of those around her – from software solutions through to sentimental gifts, her passion and purpose is to create items that makes others feel special. Today, Cecilia lives for NōVW, fuelling her insatiable craving to be creative, change lives, and make a difference in the world.

    Cecilia Le
Journey into the World of NōVW
From self discovery to bespoke luxury

We believe in

Celebration of beauty

We empower individuality and the celebration of beauty in the every day with our timeless designs

Ethical Manufacturing

We are proud supporters of Australian manufacturing - our products are 100% Australian made


All our products are exclusively made to order and our packaging is thoughtfully designed to be repurposed

Giving Back

For each blanket sold, we will donate an emergency thermal blanket to those in need