Here at NōVW we believe in creating a more sustainable future for the manufacturing industry by reducing the waste we create, and the amount and type of products we consume. Like you, we are a lover of beautiful things, and we believe you should still be able to buy the things you want, so we’ve created products that will make you feel good, while also doing good for the environment and the world around you.

We believe in creating a home filled with quality pieces that you love and will last a lifetime. All our knitwear is made to order locally and specifically for each customer, therefore reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring we don’t create unnecessary amounts of product and waste.

We want to create a bespoke, exclusive and conscious shopping experience for you and are happy to customise where we can, just ask! We’re here to help you find something that works perfectly for your home and lifestyle and we hope it makes you feel endlessly comforted when you wrap it around you.

NōVW is here to make you feel special – so in order to enhance your shopping experience with us, every element of our design and packaging has been carefully thought out. We aim to minimise as much wastage as possible, so every element of your unboxing experience has been deliberately designed to be repurposed, from the tote through to the gorgeous gift box!